I am the author of this website.  I am a retired biology teacher and am currently a Field Entomologist at the San Diego Natural History Museum.  My particular interest is in the natural history and distribution of spiders in southern California and the Baja California peninsula.  Any errors here are mine and I do appreciate supported corrections and constructive criticism.  Please feel free to contact me at bcspiders@aol.com

Thanks,  Jim Berrian

Links to other sites for further information:
1. San Diego Natural History Museum: www.sdnhm.org
2. Bug Guide: This is a highly recommended site with ~750,000 photos of insects, spiders,
                          and  other arthropods.  Send in your arthropod photos for identification:
3. American Arachnological Society: The professional society; publishes Journal of
    Arachnology: www.americanarachnology.org/
4. World Spider Catalog: THE resource for the latest scientific names, synonymys, and
    taxonomic bibliography: wsc.nmbe.ch 
5. Key to spiders of Orange County, California by Dr Lenny Vincent  and his crew.  It is an
    excellent  site with character keys and photos.  Though the species lists might vary a wee
    bit it would be a very useful key for San Diego County, Los Angeles County, and other
    areas of southern California.  http://staffwww.fullcoll.edu/lvincent/spiderguide/

6. www.aaastateofplay.com/the-outdoor-enthusiasts-guide-bogs/